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From the last half-decade we put our power to develop web portals for enterprise and small businesses to enhance your growth with modern ways. Our dedicated and innovative software development team and experts with a rich level of industry knowledge, we deliver 68+ web portals projects and product to our clients.

  • Website Design: For any browsers and all mobile screen we nourish design with modern, responsive user interface and scalable and product-wise color selection.
  • Portal Development: First we focus on quality assurance and code optimization, After that an end-to-end solution from defining the requirements to implementation.
  • Polishing & Optimization: Our QA department dedicated engineer tested your product result of each iteration is implemented by our dedicated engineer.
  • Portal Migration: We work on every phase of the migration process - the study of current technology to evaluation, requirement analysis, code migration, testing, and deployment.
  • Maintenance and support:
    • Regular based software updation to improve more function
    • Remote desktop support with a technical team
    • Improve product flow as per changes
  • Security: In all technologies security is an essential part and will update with time by our experts. We offer a high level of security layer for your portals.
To update every people in the community with respect to various activities is our motive in this portal. With user-friendly experience and strong capabilities, including Community member, Family, Prize distribution, Event, Contact finder, Matrimonial, Blood master, E-corner and E-invitation. Our portals connect community members to encourage collaboration and build relationships, as well as fuel experience and idea exchange.
The consulting portal is a useful concept to boost your business twice in time. The business has various inquiry ways such as email, telephonic and door to door for products, franchise, improvements and many more. So we have developed one platform to inculcate all the features in one place with this portal. With modern UI design, easy system flow and optimized solution: including customer inquiry, orientation, follow up, idea, the product enhances, growth analyzer, charting and performance tracker.
When you travel to offshore VISA required. So many visa agencies and adviser in various countries. Form this idea we have developed a portal that can manage agencies workload with advance and smooth way to enhance and VISA taker can understand very easily: not be confused. With the help of immigration department of Australia and Canada we prepare the first solution for this two countries for Student, Visitor, PR(Immigration) and Parental VISA tracking system with File manage, Document prepare and submission, Financial record tracing, Offer letter and University manage (For Student), Interview prepare and Copy submit feature.
An Advance Education portal is a collaborative platform for schools and colleges to direct and real-time data and information exchange with teachers, principal, student and management. These portals have benefited from governmental and private educational organizations around the globe. The portals delivered by our team allow:
  • role-based access control
  • student information and verifications’ submission, as well as profile details’ updates by student
  • Search for categorized student and teachers activities and status
  • direct electronic fees submission
  • statistics about student progress and teacher can encourage them
  • teacher and employee performance index system
  • student marks based performance and lesson capturing power tracing
  • fingerprint and role-based attendance
  • teacher syllables completion and reports, etc
By providing omnibus customer self-service, A B2B (Business To Business) portal will enrich consumer experience and composition, streamline online sales and reduce product costs. Therefore, our B2B portals include powerful tools for every member of a customer’s buying center (allowing multiple logins for each company), in order for
  • Strong cooperation: B2B portal will offers extensive functionality

    • employee workflow process along with easy ordering tool, customized product detailing and product comparisons
    • inventory module for product and accessories manage
    • row material purchase to production and wast material tracing
    • customize customer user experience and account based on content use
  • Furthermore, powerful customer personalization and tracking module

    • employee workflow process along with easy ordering tool, customized product detailing and product comparisons
    • Customers’ purchasing managers to place, track orders, manage services, report satisfaction
    • Customers’ financial managers to check balance, statuses of invoices and payments, re-purchase and recall
    • Customers’ technical specialists to access your guides and other technical resources, report problems and get help
Business To Customer portal can enhance long-term customer relationships with your business which helps in: selling merchandise goods and providing top services. We introduce the customer self-service portal which covered customer usability protocols such as navigation, response time, credibility, reliability, and content as a minimum requirement. Our area of focus in this portal is:
  • top-level customer services management along with customer user experience tracing
  • services and order management (with active and de-active provision)
  • more secure payment options
  • direct customer communication and inbox system
  • personalized portal as per uses
  • record history manage not only customer but also system administrator and employee: account, purchase, and payment
Let us know about your business challenges: our experienced business experts and developer team can assist you to overcome this situation and improve your web application experience.
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