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Our Influential and sedulous development team has 7+ years of experience in developing custom and outsourced web-based software. We have delivered more than 175+ web application across various industries: e-commerce, communities, retail, manufacturing, and clubs. At Peafowlsoft, we help you to convert your business needs or already built systems into scalable and as per the market trends: web-based applications or portals which may help to achieve the organization goals efficiently and also staying aligned with your competitors.

We are developed custom software development from long-term strategy involves outsourcing. This experience allows us to offer top software developers, assemble dedicated teams, and build lasting business relationships with our clients around the world—mostly from the Australia and Canada countries.
We work to solve your business problem and achieve your business goals with a software product. We learn more about your needs to suggest the optimal solution from the technical point of view. We form dedicated teams that can quickly and seamlessly integrate into your existing business and technological environments. We offer changeability and transparency of project management processes. Competitive pricing makes our services a cost-effective solution to your business problems. Eventually, we ensure timely delivery of your software product regularly.
We have distributed business logic with mainly two department frontend and backend is individual for every web app. Thorough architecture planning, which eventually helps us achieve the necessary balance in interactivity and stability.
In frontend development, our area of focus is UX and UI design along with the latest technologies. On the top, we have analyzed the latest trends in front-end development to meet the growing user demands for simplicity and visual appeal. To make web applications not only powerful but also stylish, For that we work with a wide range of technologies:
According to the client's business requirement, we developed with different tools and technologies and with the help develop Athletic and Enduring backend. For convenient further pilotage, we also offer deployment and customization of a suitable content management system.
  • Languages : PHP, ASP.NET, WPF, JavaScript (NodeJS)
On every business, logic data are driven to the data layer which is call database our expert has good knowledge about which database technologies are better for your web application and If you know about it we are helping to improve existing things and database technologies.
  • Database : MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, InnoDB, Microsoft Access DB
We are prevailed that a practitioner developed one-page web app can offer dominant and secure web experience. As per user requirement, we have inculcated all-important contents in a single page (section wise) web application.
Nowadays user experience is based on various devices, for that, you just knock our door. We develop the mobile-friendly nature of a web app is a necessity, not a whim and mobile-enabled progressive web apps in line with Google’s definition of ‘progressiveness’, making them fast even on 2G networks, offline-available, and easily installable on a user’s home screen.
We develop a unique concept in the Enterprise Business Applications space providing innovative, cost-effective and configurable solutions to ticklish business problems. It has an unparalleled, demonstrated track record of 100% success with every single project. We pride ourselves on finding innovative ways to meet our client's business requirements, providing cost-effective solutions, shortening timelines, maintaining the data integrity, reducing risks, and lowering the total cost of ownership.
Peafowlsoft develops innovative web portals such as company, business, community, retail, supply and customer that unify all the requisite functionality in a convenient and easy-to-use way. We make sure that all the split multiple parts well-connected and bidirectional ways to communicate with each other smoothly. Last but not least, Our current users and clients are happy with the easy design concept and system flow.
We have voluminous knowledge of industries that allow us to deliver solutions that solve business challenges in retails, small-capital banking and manufacturing. To get the best solution of application, we always working closely with the customers who give way which is best for the business. Our developers and UI designers are the ones who implement these concepts and integrate them with existing systems.
To put your store and business on the internet we recommended top platform is E-commerce. To enhance your business, we create an online store, B2B and B2C applications, online booking, and payment & e-wallet application. We develop your platform with Magento, open cart and nop-commerce frameworks.
Let us know about your business challenges: our experienced business experts and developer team can assist you to overcome this situation and improve your web application experience.
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