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Testing is a completive part of every software project @ Peafowlsoft.

Modern software is so complex, it often consists of lots of 3d-party frameworks, plugins, APIs that are used as they are. Moreover, the work of software is also influenced by the environment (such as hardware, OS, browser). It would take an eternity to test all combinations of inputs.

Our dedicated team test your project quality and maintained with various level. The team can perform quality assurance and testing tasks at a compilation of split the small part after that organized various parts each other and frequency do this task again.

The goal of testing is the provision of precise and relevant information about the current status of your software, to find and prevent possible issues. Our iterative context-driven testing services help us keep up with your deadlines and budget.

Yet another myth is that the goal of testing is to assure the quality of software. But one person cannot be responsible for the quality of teamwork. It's a shared responsibility.

Another word is "to create a high-quality product." But if you look at QA engineer's work, you'll understand that they don't create anything. They don't draw UI wireframes, they don't code (well, except code for automated testing, but that's a different story).

The Pattern we follow for QA and Testing is, "To provide information about current product status to those, whose opinion matters." It means to those, who can make decisions whether to allocate resources for fixing the found issue, or whether it can be postponed as a low-priority issue.

We judge that your software product strictly adheres to its specification and other approved requirements.

Depending on your project specifics and requirements, we plan an optimal approach to testing, making it correspond with your deadlines and budget.

  • Testing groups exist to provide testing-related services. They do not run the development project; they serve the project.
  • Testing is done on behalf of stakeholders in the service of developing, qualifying, debugging, investigating, or selling a product. Entirely different testing strategies could be appropriate for these different objectives.
  • It is entirely proper for different test groups to have different missions. A core practice in the service of one mission might be irrelevant or counter-productive in the service of another.
  • The essential value of any test case lies in its ability to provide information (i.e. to reduce uncertainty).
  • Test artifacts are worthwhile to the degree that they satisfy their stakeholders’ relevant requirements.

Our team creates a test case for your project as per your requirements and specification. As far as possible, we write test cases in such a way that test only one thing at a time. Do not overlap or complicate test cases. Attempt to make test cases ‘atomic’. We ensure that all positive scenarios and negative scenarios are covered.

For standalone testing services, we have dedicated quality assurance engineers that enable testing services only in house but also from everywhere. Every client has full control to lead your product testing and distribute tasks the way you consider it necessary.

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  • Testing of individual software components or modules. Typically done by the programmer and not by testers, as it requires detailed knowledge of the internal program design and code. It may require developing test driver modules or test harnesses.
  • Functional testing ignores the internal parts and focuses on the output is as per requirement or not. In case of need, we create and maintain corresponding project documentation. All combined parts of your software product and its environment are covered by the system and end-to-end testing.
  • This term is often used interchangeably with ‘stress’ and ‘load’ under certain conditions. It is done to check whether the system meets the performance requirements. Different performance and load tools are used to do this testing. That is how we check the reliability of your mobile and web software.
  • Integrated modules are tested to verify combined functionality after integration. These are typically code modules, individual applications, client and server applications on a network, and so on. Integration testing is vital to client/server and distributed systems. We can test your product at different levels, depending on the project needs.
  • It is performed for web applications and it ensures that the software can run with the combination of different browsers and operating system. This type of testing also validates whether web application runs on all versions of all browsers or not.
  • This is the end-user behavior simulation focused on the achievement of positive software experience. In other words, we take an 'end-user' look at your software product to make sure it is ready for deployment.
  • The basics of this testing lies in assessing the effectiveness of your software at secure data storage and transmission.
  • A check that presupposes installation, launch, and work of your software product on various devices we have at disposal.
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