As a software development company, we committed to an affair with discretionary and ethics, Peafowlsoft strives to built value for our consumers, employees, shareholders, partners and individuals in the cluster. Our Responsibility program has several focuses:
  • Mobilize students to meet the global demand for programming skills: Strongly admire to supporting young talents and preparing higher education students for success in a dynamic and fiercely proficient IT workplace, Peafowlsoft funds the opening of computer classrooms, hosts Agile Community meetings and among other activities.
  • Committed to social causes for children We act a range of programs in local schools and orphanage, not only provide financial aid but also do our best to improve school student knowledge under the Digital India program with partnering PMGDISHA (Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan). Apart from this our vision to donate accommodation, living and another facility to poor children.
  • Step to educate village level person : We are part of CSC (Common Services Center), According to Digital India Revolution March we take important steps under CSC guidelines such as educate village level person with different digital village facility like e-Gram services, PAN and Aadhaar services, basic computer and internet education, e-Panchayat and many more. Our dedicated team takes responsibility to do with a loving heart.
  • Providing the employees with skills, training, and opportunities: to put feet in challenging software skills. Peafowlsoft runs a knowledge-based business and constantly evolves employee skills in line with the market demand. We retrain employees and improve their competencies organizing their participation in workshops, forums, seminars and conferences.
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