Secret Work Recipe

STEP - 1
Our communication put forward us to allot eyesight and reveals general information about your project such as focus, specification, platform need and devices, etc. We give you a inchoative estimate based on documentation that you may provide. If you don't have it, or if you are yet hesitantance about your need and technical solutions, we consult you to clarify the lineament and picture.
Next we launch the project. This step should be quickly accomplished so that the assembled team could proceed to work.
STEP - 2
Apart from this, Our team prepares functional specifications, design, detailed plans for looping and delivery, as well as cost estimates.
STEP - 3
In the end, we fully understand how your future software product works and you approve it for visualization.
STEP - 4
Our implementation process starts with preparing Technical Design Documents (TDD), Project Plans and Test Plans. The whole task of work is divided into multiple small parts and parallelize for better efficiency of iterative implementation. Every task has planned and solutions are chosen to perform better efficiency.
Each iteration has its own goals that are discussed and approved by you.
STEP - 5
If your product is responsive, smooth and fast than your product will love by users. That's the way we create it for you. We optimize all the possible parts of the product which will all along the way and boost its performance.
We furnishing and polishing your product to improve user's experience that's both meaningful and delightful.
STEP - 6
Our QA department dedicated engineer tested your product result of each iteration is implemented by our dedicated engineer. It is provided to you as a demonstration of results, along with an estimate for the next iteration. You also receive reports after each milestone of the project.
Last but not least, the whole scope is done, we conduct the final testing of your product.
STEP - 7
We take the responsibility of deploying your software whenever and wherever you require. The source code is your property, as is the deployed product and all the documentation. We also discuss opportunities for further collaboration and post-release services: maintenance and software updates
STEP - 8
The main advantage of iterative development is the ability to build an ever-relevant product, adapt to changes, launch the MVP of high quality as soon as possible. This is a crucial quality for startups. The requirements are constantly checked as for relevance, and the documentation is updated in case of need.
We help you distribute the resources wisely and preserve the market relevance of your software product.
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